There is nothing cruvis with me!

I'm telling you, I am absolutely fine.

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Cruvis say what?

Cruvis is an Ancient term from Stargate SG-1 meaning "incorrect" or "wrong." In season 2 episode 15, "The Fifth Race" - O'Neill uses this word after having the Asgard database downloaded to his brain.
"I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvis with me." - Jack O'Neill

The Fifth Race is one of my most favorite episodes of SG-1, and I feel that having "cruvis" as the name for a community REALLY geeky - and I love that.


And cruvis is the icon/fan art journal of telltale. I'm usually pretty nice, and I try not to bite.. and I have tend to post quite a few interest/request posts for members. So please feel free to join if if you like what you see. :)


oo1. PLEASE credit you take anything. I do put a lot of work into my icons- so it's nice to get something small back.
oo2. No hotlinking. I host all my icons on my private server, and thus hotlinking costs me monies!
oo3. No altering or changing our icons/graphics. If it's textless then it stays that way. If you want me to add something then ask nicely and I'll be glad to.
oo4. No redistributing and claiming as your own. Srsly, that sucks.

What to Expect

I'm not gonna lie, my fandoms jump around like a little girl dizzy off of chocolate cake and cookie dough. I tend to love Sci-Fi more than anything.. but that doesn't mean it's the only thing I will icon. Stargate (Atlantis and SG-1), Jossverse, Whoverse, Farscape, BSG, Vampires, Heroes, Supernatural, Merlin.. I also love period dramas, UK telly and horror movies.


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